The Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Art

is in its infancy. With the kind support of The Field Foundation, Polk Bros. Foundation, The Experimental Station Chicago, Neoteric Design, and many more, we have been given the opportunity to build an institution that will:

  • Provide resources and support for emerging Black artists in Chicago
  • Teach art-making across genres to new Black artists
  • Teach trauma-informed art practices in and around the South Shore Community
  • Introduce art-making as a vocation

Board of Directors

Carla Stillwell - Executive Director

Corey Chatman - Board President

Leonard A House Jr. - Board Vice President

Lakeisha Smith - Treasurer

Donte Hilliard - Secretary

Monique Smith - Board Member

Daryl Brooks - Board Member


Carla Stillwell - Executive Director

Leonard House - Assistant Director

Jelani Pitcher -Web Producer

Nik Whitcomb - Education Coordinator

Want to know more about our full history? Click on the Story page for the whole scope!